Descriptions | Traditional Yoga

Back To Basics (Foundations)

New to yoga or been away from your mat for some time?  This class focuses on the foundational elements of  postures, breath, and alignment.  Designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance, Back to Basics is appropriate for beginners and ongoing students wanting to deepen their practice and their understanding of yoga fundamentals.

Om Sculpt

Where muscle meets movement, Om Sculpt is born. Sculpt is a body weight regimen that focuses your physical and mental power. It’s a mix of yoga, pilates, dance, calisthenics, plyometrics, gymnastics, and movement.  This class will boost your metabolism, build your lean muscle mass and challenge your limits as you flow, jump, crawl, fly and sweat. Redefine your fitness, and leave feeling amazing. It’s the class the you will love for what it does to your mind and body!


When was the last time you took a moment to breathe? Are you looking for a slower paced class with gentle transitions, modifications and mindfulness of limitations? This class will ease you into increased body awareness strength, flexibility and balance, leading to greater health and vitality. All levels/ages are welcome.


Our Hatha (pronounced “hot-uh”) class designed to create balance and unite opposites of our physical bodies to develop strength and flexibility.  Attention is focused on balance, alignment and mindfulness. This class brings the whole body into alignment. Root teaches the student to balance their effort and surrender into poses. Attention to the breath helps to still the fluctuations of the mind and cultivate presence in each moment.

Slow Flow

Breathe into all the corners of your being.

When was the last time you were really able settle into each posture, to find the nuances of your movements and new awareness? When was the last time you were really able to breathe into each posture?  Are you looking for an opportunity to explore each posture and find greater depth? This class will ease you into increased the connection between your mind, body and spirit. You’ll discover deeper awareness, increased strength, and flexibility.  All levels/ages welcome.

Rise ~ Vinyasa

An early morning power flow designed to energize your day. Get up, put your hair hair up and start your day better than a cup of coffee-it’s time for Rise. You won’t regret waking up and flowing through postures that awaken and charge you for your day.

Connect I & II (Vinyasa)

CONNECT 1 (Vinyasa 1)

Connect with your breath, connect with your body, connect with your mind, and connect with your spirit in our level 1 Vinyasa class. Vinyasa translated from Sanskrit means “connection.” In this class, we’ll focus on utilizing our breath to create and connect our movement. Flow between a variety of postures using your breath to center and ground you while clearing the mind of obstacles.  Expect to leave feeling stretched and refreshed!

CONNECT 2 (Vinyasa 2)

Connect 2 is a more challenging level of Vinyasa. Join us as we explore new postures and creative transitions with our breath as the grounding force.  The basis of Vinyasa is consciousness in motion- and this class offers an opportunity to allow your breath to take you where they body has never gone before. Leave feeling strong and empowered!

Candlelight Yin

Candlelight Yin is our slow paced Yin class focused on long holds of passive postures, seated or lying down. Yin is the counterpart to your active and heating “yang” forms of yoga. Yin is meant to stretch and stimulate ligaments and connective tissue while realigning the skeletal  structure.  Yin is a great balancing practice for those who lead very active lives. Release your stress and worries, put down all the things you do not need.

Morning Meditation

Listen to your body. Value your mind. Honor your ego. Harness your emotions. All things are a part of you, and you are a part of all things. Begin the day centered and focused with heart rhythm and mindfulness meditations. This morning practice will aid you in setting the tone for the day ahead.