Bri has been practicing yoga for over a decade and has been teaching a variety of mind-body connection based movements for over 8 years. She has a passion for knowing her students individually by name and building relationships. Her Connect (Vinyasa) classes offer a reprieve from your everyday stress by incorporating both challenge and relaxation. She encourages each student to explore his/her body with a curious attitude and provides just the right amount of challenge to leave students with a new sense of self and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. With an eye for the details of alignment and a positive encouraging environment, Bri’s classes offer a safe space to both explore the amazing capability of your body and find an inner peace that can be carried off the mat as well! Her flows are done to upbeat music and are perfect for yogis looking to expand and deepen both the physical and mental aspect of their practice. She is welcoming of individuals from all walks of life!