• Can I ask my teachers about my practice or a pose?

    Absolutely! That is what they are there for! We encourage an open dialogue about yoga either before or after class.

    Can I bring my son/daughter?

    Yes! The more, the merrier! Please note that Omies between the ages of 15 and 17 will need to have a parent or guardian take class with them. A parent or guardian will also need to sign a waiver and give consent to participate.

    Do I need to sign up for class?

    It is not required, but is recommended that you sign up for classes ahead of time, especially with Aerial yoga. We are limited by the number of hammocks we have in the space, and cannot guarantee a spot for you unless you sign up ahead of time. Please make sure you are aware of the cancellation policies when signing up online.

    Who can practice Aerial Yoga?

    Anyone between the ages of 15 and 99, as long as your doctor has cleared you to practice, especially with inversions.

    Do I need to bring a mat for Aerial Yoga?

    Yes! Some poses may be brought down to the floor while using the hammock as a prop.

    Can pregnant women do yoga?

    Of course! But please be sure to clear this with your doctor first, and let your yoga instructor know that you are pregnant. Avoid twisting poses, inversions, abdominal strengthening poses, and lying on your belly. Do not be afraid to ask for modifications during class. Balance poses may become more difficult the farther along you are in your pregnancy, so use the wall or blocks to remain balanced. Drink plenty of water and take bathroom breaks when needed.

    What if I have pain or a previous injury?

    Ensure that you have cleared your physical yoga practice by your medical doctor. It is always appropriate to talk to your yoga instructor about any physical conditions and concerns you have. Yoga can help many people with chronic medical conditions. But listen to your body; you know it best. If you have any pain, come out of the pose.

    What about eating or drinking before class?

    Avoid eating a full meal within three hours of class. If you are attending an Aerial Yoga class, avoid eating or drinking anything acidic within one hour of class. Come to class hydrated, and drink plenty of water after class.

    What should I wear in class?

    Wear athletic clothing so the instructor can monitor your body alignment. Make sure your clothing is comfortable, fast-drying, and does not restrict your movement. If you are taking an Aerial Yoga class, ensure there are no buttons or zippers on your clothes. Please leave lotions, perfumes, and jewelry at home.

    What should I bring to class?

    Bring water to stay hydrated, a yoga mat, and possibly a towel. We have mats available for you to useĀ if you do not have one, but encourage practitioners to bring their own for reasons of personal hygiene and regularity of practice. Head over to our boutique to see what is currently available. We also have bolsters, blocks, and straps for use during class.

    What class should I try?

    We suggest you try a variety of classes and test out a variety of teachers. Each class provides a different benefit, and you may click with one teacher over another. Check out our class descriptions page for more information on each class. If you would like help finding the best class and teacher for you, check out our Beyond Your Mat program

    Do I need to be flexible and strong?

    Not at all. We all come to class at different levels, and there is always room to grow. As you continue to practice yoga, you will find that your strength and flexibility increases. We provide an environment that encourages each individual to safely grow from whatever their starting point is.