Ashlee is a 500 RYT who is has been teaching since 2014. She is also continuing her education with her teacher, Janet Stone and recently completed another 300-hour training. She has accumulated over 100 hours of online training towards a 1008 certification as well. She is devoted to the practice of yoga and aims to have an intelligent yet challenging class that is fit for all levels of practitioners. She offers optional hands-on assists to help with grounding and foundational work and will often times begin or end the practice with non-dogmatic chants.

Ashlee was born with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that weakens the lungs and causes respiratory problems. In 2001, at a time when her lung functions were rapidly declining, she stumbled into her first yoga class. She immediately got hooked and has been practicing ever since. Yoga has allowed her lung functions to not only return to normal levels but to improve beyond anything she’s ever experienced.